Extruded Rollstock

Situated in Madison, WI, Placon’s 70 sq. ft. reclamation and recycling facility produces its own branded line of sustainable EcoStar® extruded APET rollstock, as well as its FDA food-grade approved, post-consumer recycled PET sheet, suitable for secondary packaging applications. The EcoStar lines of PET rollstock are specifically created for thermoforming packaging and are synonymous throughout the industry as being some of the most consistent, exceptionally clear, high impact and tear resistant material.

Sustainable Medical Packaging

Trying to fulfill your sustainability commitments? EcoStar FDA approved PET rollstock with up to 100% post-consumer content is perfect for single, disposable or multiple-use, non-sterile thermoform packaging applications. Created from curbside collected, discarded plastic water bottles, soda bottles and thermoforms, EcoStar recycled PET closes the loop on sustainable plastics recycling.

Watch how EcoStar PET is made

EcoStar was founded with a commitment to the belief that the recycling of existing plastic PET packaging is the most responsible solution for the preservation of resources and reduction of PET containers as landfill waste.