For cash-strapped start-ups that may not have the capital to buy six new tools that this system offers, the BargerVPAK™ system gives you the ability to commercialize small new medical device products without a lot of internal resources. Whether you’re a start-up with limited resources or a market leader looking for a more efficient way to bring your product to market, BargerVPAK is the answer.

The turnkey, single or double-sterile barrier system is designed to enable the quick and cost-effective commercialization of small medical devices and components with its innovation laying uniquely in its standardization. With a common universal footprint, Placon makes the ride just a little smoother for OEMs dealing with continuous packaging development cost and time constraints.

Pre-Validated Packaging

The entire system includes an inner and outer die-cut lid with in-line flexographic printing option for branding, a BargerGard® protective liner, inner and outer rigid thermoformed trays and a primary carton which is also customizable with your logo and company’s messaging.

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A Turnkey System

BargerGard Protective Packaging

To accommodate the large depth and breadth of implants it can hold, two unique BargerGard liners were engineered. BargerGard is a puncture and abrasion resistant TPU material which in the VPAK system is converted into two different liner options that protect the product and sterile barrier.

Both liners are designed with fold-over hinged lids with holes exposed for EtO sterilization. The entire system is compatible with Gamma, eBeam or EtO sterilization methods.

Diminishes Financial Obstacles

The BargerVPAK system has been proven to maintain sterility of medical implants through distribution to final end use. The system was designed to diminish financial and other obstacles in the packaging process, reducing speed bumps to get small implants to market faster and more cost-effectively then custom-designed packaging.

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