Stock Packaging

Turnkey or “stock” medical device packaging systems are designed to bring new products to market more quickly and cost-effectively than custom designed packaging. Well designed systems will require fewer internal resources and lower capital investment than custom packaging. Smartly engineered systems can also lead to more efficient purchasing of packaging components, warehousing and sterilization.

Known in the industry for designing and manufacturing unique, custom medical device packaging, Placon created a premium quality, universal packaging system for small medical devices and components. The single or double sterile barrier BargerVPAK™ system is the first pre-validated packaging solution for products in the spinal and extremities market.


The universal, turnkey BargerVPAK system makes the packaging process the easiest, quickest and most cost-effective part of bringing small medical devices and components to market with no design, validation or tooling costs.


BargerGard is a Polyurethane (TPU) material that is die-cut, welded and/or formed to protect the sterile barrier and the medical instruments and components from hip stems and catheters to needles and screws from damage.

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