An alternative to foam and vinyl packaging options, BargerGard products are made from a Polyurethane (TPU) material that is die-cut, welded and/or formed to protect sterile barriers, medical instruments and components from hip stems and catheters to needles and screws, from damage.

Flexible protective packaging

Manufactured in ISO certified Class 8 clean rooms, BargerGard products can be used in both sterile and non-sterile medical packaging applications. BargerGard products are available in many versatile shapes and sizes.  They can be die-cut into protective liners or envelopes, used as void fill or welded and sealed into pouches which can be perforated for ease of opening by clinicians.

Part of a Complete Packaging System

BargerGard products are made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material, are puncture and abrasion resistant, and provide high levels of product protection while maintaining the integrity of sterile barriers.  The lightweight material has the flexibility to convert into a multitude of configurations to fit inside rigid trays and is compatible with gamma and EtO sterilization methods.

Sterile & Non-Sterile Applications

BargerGard products are made from a nonabrasive material that protects finished, polished and other surfaces from damage during shipping and handling including marring of devices, denting and scratching.

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Available in custom or stock sizes

Offering exceptional protection with twice the tensile strength of vinyl, BargerGard is also available in stock shapes and sizes in gauges from .005” up to .055″. Contact us to learn more.

Protective Components

BargerGard is used as part of our BargerVPAK™, pre-validated stock packaging system – saving customers’ time and expense when launching new products.

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