Using plug assists and pressure boxes, our production-quality thermoformed Ren mold samples are produced in our ISO Class 8 clean rooms and can be used for pre-launch verification activities. Samples are also used to determine if any changes or alterations should be made prior to creating the production part tooling.

Custom Tooling

Upon customer acceptance and sign-off of the prototype sample, our state-of-the-art CNC programs are put to work designing the tooling components. With an average experience level of 20+ years, our trained tool and die makers create the industry’s highest quality, innovative and customized tooling in our 24×7 machining department in Madison, WI.

Designs Brought to Life

Upon completion of the aluminum production molds, the tooling is utilized on our advanced matched metal and steel rule die thermoforming platforms. After production runs, tools are carefully stored and maintained for optimal future performance.

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