Design & Prototyping

Getting your single use or reusable medical device to market quickly and cost-effectively takes a collaborative, team approach and a thorough understanding of your product, your requirements and goals. We are counted on to become an extension of your internal packaging or design engineering team, often collaborating on packaging design concurrent to product engineering.

Custom medical packaging design

Our design philosophy? Be smart, be creative. We do this by thinking of your custom packaging project from both your standpoint and the end user’s. How the final medical package will be assembled – manually or automated, sterilized, shipped, stored, handled and disposed of. We look at every detail from how the packaging is perceived by the end user, its ease of opening and intuitiveness when handled.

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Rapid prototyping services

After understanding all your objectives and requirements, our designers work with state-of-the-art CAD modeling software to create photo-realistic “to scale” concept drawings which are used to confirm the visual and dimensional requirements. Our rapid prototyping equipment with 3D rigid printing capabilities give customers fast, rough visual representations of the final part.

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Simple to the complex

From double sterile barrier packaging with complex geometries to simple, non-sterile rigid thermoformed trays, Placon has the personal service, design expertise and manufacturing experience you require.

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